Commercial Electrical Services

We have been providing electrical services for office buildings, industrial, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses since 2008.

We offer competitive pricing without compromising performance nor safety. “Combine your electrical work with an installation of a solar system from us and receive a 30% tax credit on upgrades and repairs related to the installation of the solar system.”

Although upgrading an old service panel or changing an overheating transformer may be seem as an extra cost for your business that you may not need at the moment, but having down time in your operations due to a fire or power outage, or causing injury to your employees or customers at your business because of sudden accidents due to related old and faulty systems will cost you much more and may even result in losing your business.

Do not hesitate to call us today!

Let us change that old transformer and upgrade your main service panel and bring your building up to code using energy efficient and energy start rated products as well as bringing renewable energy into your system and not only it is the right thing to do, but also to take advantage of our great financing options that many business owners are currently taking advantage of.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Many businesses are operating with insufficient electrical wiring for power needs of their equipment and business. Also most buildings built prior to 1980’s have outdated electrical equipment that already passed their life spam. G C Electric Solar can come to your building and talk to you about your current and future needs and truly plan your electrical needs and prioritize what needs to be done now and what can wait. For most of our customers, we perform panel upgrades after hours and in weekend to reduce the power outage hours during your regular business hours and for our hospital and 24/7 hour businesses, we provide complimentary generator during the power outage while the new electrical panel been installed to make sure your operations are not being delayed due to our electrical work.

Transformer Installation

Did you know an outdated or overheated transformer can increase your utility bill sometimes by 200%?

In most cases, changing an old transformer will cost less than paying higher bills for an entire year.

whether upgrading an transformer or installing a new one, planing and installing the right transformer as well as using the proper gauge wire, will reduce the chance of any fire and will guarantee you that your equipment will not turn off due to performance issues related to your transformer.

Generator Installation/ Battery Backup Installation

Whats the cost of operations down time to your company?

Some companies millions and some other thousands of dollars.

No matter what size, we have the right solution for you. We can install any type and size generator to match your needs. For our off grid customers or destination hotels, we can implement a new state of the art battery back up system to address your long term power outage needs. We also use state of the art “Automatic Transfer Switch” which will automatically turn on your transformer and connect it to your main panel to minimize the initial power outage time which can be between 0 seconds to up to 30 seconds depending on your business needs.

Other Services


G C Electric Solar also specialized in the installations of AFCI/GFCI commercial graded centralized systems as well as centralized power monitoring systems for all commercial and industrial buildings. We can perform regular maintenance of your equipment, repair your equipment, and perform any services related to your commercial or industrial property by using best in business electricians and using the safest installations methods to bring your building up to code.


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Service Brochure

Service Brochure